To create a new search tab for your site:

1. Decide which parts of your SharePoint installation will require your new tab. Then navigate to the appropriate site level in SharePoint and open then Search Tabs page.

2. On the Search Tabs page, do one of the following:

 To create a new search tab initially configured with Search & Preview default settings, click on the Add Search Tab button
 To create a new search tab that begins with a configuration that is a copy of an existing tab, then open the action menu for the source tab and select Copy Search Tab from the menu.

3. The Add Search Tab (or Copy Search Tab) window opens. Set the properties for your new search tab as described in “Search Tab Properties”. Note the value that you enter for the Target Pages.

4. Click OK to create the new search tab. You can now make whatever configuration settings your need for the new tab (see also “Introduction to Search Tab Configuration Settings”).

5. Navigate to your Search & Preview Search Center site and add new result and pages to the site. Be sure to give each page a file name that matches the Target Pages properties you set above for your new search tab. Add and configure Search & Preview Web Parts for the pages as needed. You might also create an advanced search page for the new tab. See also “Search Center Result Pages” and “Simple and Advanced Search Forms” for more information about adding and configuring search and result pages. Among other things, make sure that the Search & Preview Search Manager Web Part for each new page is configured to use the correct search tab as the default.

6. Return to the standard view of your Search Center and confirm that the search tab links are working correctly.

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