You are not able to create a new, empty scope group. Instead, you must create or edit an existing scope and then use the scope-configuration page to create the new group, thereby adding the selected scope to that group at the same time. To do this:’

1. Go to the Search Tabs page for the site level at which you want to create the new scope group as described in “Search-Tab Configuration and Inheritance”.

2. Click on the search tab for which you want to modify scopes and select Configure Search Tab from its action menu. This opens the Search Tab Configuration page.

3. Click on the Search Scopes link under the Other Settings heading on the Search Tab Configuration page. This brings you to the Search Scopes page.

4. Either create a new scope (by clicking on the Add Scope button in the toolbar) or edit an existing scope (using the action menu for the target scope). The Edit Search Scope or Add Search Scope page opens, both of which provide the same selection of settings.

5. In the Scope Group area, click on the New Group link to open a pop-up dialog for defining the new group.

Make the following settings:

 ID: Enter an ID code for the group. This is only used internally. It must be unique among all scope groups and must not include any spaces. Note that if you enter the ID of a group that is already defined further down in the site hierarchy, then that group will be promoted to the current level and marked as inherited at its original level.

 Name: Enter a name for the group as it should be presented on the Search Scopes page.

 Description: Enter a short description for the group. This will help remind yourself and other administrators about the intended purpose of the group.

6. Click OK to close the new-group window. The new group is now created your selected scope has become a member of that group.

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