Configuring Scopes for the Search & Preview Search Dialog Web Part

The Search & Preview Search Dialog Web Part is usually included on pages of the Search & Preview Search Center (though you might also use this Web part on other pages, you would more typically use the Search Box Web Control on pages outside of the Search Center). Like all other Search & Preview Web Parts (other than the Search Box), the Search Dialog part takes its settings from whichever search tab configuration applies at the time (as determined by the search-tab settings hierarchy, the user’s current location and/or the site from which the user just arrived (i.e., the referring site)).

To make search-scope settings for a given search-tab context:

1. Navigate to the search-tab settings for the site and site level at which your scope settings will most-often apply. (See “Search-Tab Configuration and Inheritance” for details.)

2. You should now be on the Search Tabs page, which shows a list of search tabs that apply at the site and level you selected above.

3. Locate the search tab that you want to configure in the list on the Search Tabs page. Click on its title and select Configure Search Tab from its action menu. This opens the Search Tab Configuration page.

4. Under the Other Settings heading, select the Search Scopes link to open the Search Scopes page.

You can use the Search Scopes page lists the scopes that apply at your selected search tab and site level; the list indicates which of these are inherited and/or customized. From here you can do the following:

• Add new scopes and modify or remove existing scopes. See “The Search Scopes Page” for details about how to do these things.

• Edit the general scope settings, which affect the way scopes work at the current site level (and below). Click on the Settings link in the toolbar to make these settings. See “Configuring General Search Scope Settings” for details..

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