Configuring Scopes for the Search & Preview Search Box Web Control

The Search & Preview Search Box Web Control is intended to be included on nearly every page on every site. It creates a simple search box that takes very little screen real estate, thereby making it easy for users to search wherever they are. It often appears on pages where no search tab configuration is defined and must, therefore, have its own settings that are independent of those defined for search tabs. Like search tabs, Search Box settings can be defined at any level in the site hierarchy, with settings inherited along structural lines and possibly customized at any level.

To make search-scope settings for the Search Box in a given context, navigate to the Search Box Scopes page for the site and site level at which your scope settings will most-often apply (see “Search Box Settings and Inheritance” for details). Use the controls here to configure which scopes will be available at the current level and below and to configure each available scope. Use the Settings link to make general Search Box settings for this level and below.

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