For each search-tab configuration, you are able to configure how search properties will be shown by Search & Preview Search Dialog Web Parts that use that configuration. To find and configure these settings, do the following:

1. Go to the Search Tabs page for the site level at which you want to establish general settings as described in “Search-Tab Configuration and Inheritance”.

2. Click on the search tab for which you want to establish general settings and select Configure Search Tab from its action menu. This opens the Search Tab Configuration page.

3. Click on the Searchable Properties link under the Property Settings heading on the Search Tab Configuration page. This brings you to the Searchable Properties page.

4. Click on the Settings button in the toolbar of the Searchable Properties page to open the Searchable Properties Settings page.

5. Use the Searchable Properties Settings page to configure the general searchable properties settings, as described below.

6. Click on OK to save your changes.

Inheritance Settings

Select one of the following to control whether or not to inherit general searchable-properties settings:

Inherit settings from parent: select this option to revert to settings made at the parent level and continue to track changes made there.
Specify local settings: select this option to break the inheritance link and define all settings at the local level from now on, as specified by the settings described below.

Display Settings

This setting affects whether or not searchable-properties will be available to search forms at the current site level. Mark, this box to enable the properties; clear the box to prevent searchable properties from appearing.

Note that you can also configure each Search & Preview SharePoint Search Result Web Part to show searchable properties or not. The Display Settings choice that you make here will only affect those Web parts that are configured to show searchable properties.

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