To install Search & Preview:
1. Go to a machine where SharePoint is installed and log in to the system as SharePoint farm administrator. If your SharePoint installation is running on a server farm with multiple machines, then you can install on just one machine and then use the standard SharePoint controls to propagate the installation.
2. Is distributed as a signed EXE file (it is actually a self-extracting MSI file). Copy this file to your target machine and execute the file.
3. The installer extracts itself and launches, showing the Welcome page of the setup wizard.

There are no settings on this page, so just read the text shown and click Next.

4. The System Check page opens.

The setup program now checks your system to make sure that the required prerequisites are present and that you have adequate permissions to install. If one of the tests fails, then read the message on your screen, fix the problem and run the setup program again. Once all of the tests have passed, click Next.

5. The License Agreement page opens.

Read the agreement carefully. If you agree with its terms, then mark the I accept the terms in the License Agreement check box and click Next.

6. Provided you chose to accept the license agreement, the Deployment Targets page opens.

This page shows each of the Web applications currently installed on your SharePoint farm. Mark the checkbox for each application to which you want to deploy. Note that you can also deploy manually to new and existing applications at any time later. When you are done selecting the target applications, click Next.
7. Is now installed and deployed to the applications you selected. This process may take several minutes – a progress bar is shown. When installation and deployment are finished, the Installation Complete page is shown.

Is now installed. Click Close to quit the installer.

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