Search and Preview Changelog 2016

for SharePoint 2016

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Type GA Release V9.1 2022-09
Enhancement Extended system support
Enhancement Multi server extended
Enhancement Rendering of realtime previews in order to render e-mails with time stamps as they using timezone data from the users browser
Fix External system support updated
Fix Fixed issue in the licensing system
Fix License Key verification update
Fix Various bug fixe
  • Looks good
  • Runs stable
  • Ready for upgrade
Type GA Release V8.1 2019-11
Enhancement Preview time in e-mail are set to server browser time, server time or UTC instead of always UTC
Enhancement Search preview gets full work preview
Enhancement License check for SharePoint version
Fix Aggregate template
Fix Aggregate Preview configuration read place updated
Fix Aggregate Preview various small fixes
Fix Search template updated
Fix Documentation in package is updated
  • Looks good
  • Runs stable
  • Ready for upgrade
Type Release Candidate V8.2
Enhancement Awaiting 2021 update
Fix Awaiting 2021 update
Type Release Candidate V7.2
Enhancement E-mails will now be rendered with the time zone as the user’s browser
Enhancement E-mail timestamps configurable as server time, browser time, fixed offset or UTC
Fix Refiners containing special characters
Fix Length of refiners so they do not change the layout of the page
Fix Search for filenames with “-”
Fix preventing cross-site scripting
Fix LoadBalancingJob trowing errors
Fix Thumbnails being small when opened
Fix Preview front-end configuration error
Fix Avoid recrawling items excluded by a crawl rule
Type GA Release V7.1 2018-05
Enhancement Added new converters for MS Office files
Enhancement Time used for e-mails is now customizable
Fix Non expanding levels in the taxonomy refiner
Fix Long refiner values are per default concatenated som the page layout is not destroyed
Fix Issue with deleting multiple documents from the preview database
Enhancement Memory optimizations
Enhancement Date on e-mails now default to server time
Enhancement Support for newest office file formats
Enhancement Wider support for PDF files
Fix Rendering error on some PDF files
Fix Issue where the first preview open was rendered as a thumbnail (not as a full-screen preview)
Fix Issue with View properties in the search center
Fix Issue with Edit properties in the search center


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