By default, Search & Preview Search & Preview uses the title of an item to display the name of a search result.

Here are instructions to change that to a different property, such as file name:

- Edit the search results page, and click the Configure this Search Result web part link.

- The first section is the styles, click the Search & Preview styles gallery link.

- In the Style Gallery, click Search Result directory. Then download the current style you are using (usually:
Default.xsl for All Sites, Images.xsl for the Images Tab, and People.xsl for the People Tab.)

- Open the xsl file in a text editor and replace HHTitle with the property you wish to use. For example,
Filename will display the full name and extension of an item as the search result.

- Rename, save and upload the modified xsl file to the Search Result folder.

- Go back to the Configure this Search Result web part page and select the new style to be used.

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