What documents are taking of space:

SELECT TOP 10 doc.Url AS ‘Url’, DATALENGTH AS ‘Size’, img.PageNumber AS ‘Page’
FROM [Search & PreviewPreview].[dbo].[PagePreview] AS img Join [Search & PreviewPreview].[dbo].[Document] AS
doc ON img.DocumentId = doc.Id ORDER BY Size DESC

Typically, a document will take 100 kb -300 kb.

If the PagePreviewCache table is large check, the LastModified date in the table DocumentCache.
If old entries exist, check the cache setting on the Preview database page, and that the SharePoint job -
PreviewDatabaseMaintenanceJob is enabled. This job is maintaining the caching tables and the indexes.

In the Central Administration -> General Application Settings -> Manage Search & Preview Modules -> Manage
Content Sources, click the content source for which you will change the configuration.

The settings relevant is:

  1. Number of pages to index
  2. Include Text Analysis Data
  3. Image Resolution (DPI)

In the Ontolica.Gatherer.exe.config, the setting:

Will limit the bytes of the image to the value indicated by the value.

In c:\Program Files\Ontolica\ConversionService\Converter\default.cfg the configuration option

graphic size limit 1000000

This determines the maximal size per image in bytes.

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