The update of the Search & Preview Search Refiner web-part title can be done in two ways:

1. By updating the Search Summary Drill Down web part XSLT file
At Site Collection level, go to Site Actions > Site Settings > Galleries > Search & Preview Styles > Search Summary > DefaultDrillDown.xsl. Download the file

For example, to update the “Refine by” heading with the “Filter by” text, search in the DefaultDrillDown.xsl file for the following line:
&lt xsl:text&gt $OResources:Search & Preview,SearchSummary_DrillDown_RefineBy; &lt/xsl:text&gt
and replace it with
&lt xsl:text&gt Filter by &lt/ xsl:text &gt
Upload the modified XSLT file to the Search & Preview Styles > Search Summary.

Note: Remember to save the original XSLT file before applying any updates.
To ensure that the specified changes are taken, before performing the upload procedure, go to the default results Search & Preview page in your search center, choose Site Actions > Edit Page, click the Refiner’s Configure this Search Summary Web Part link and in the Search & Preview Search Summary Web Part Settings page verify that the “Cache compiled XSLT template “ checkbox is not marked.

2. By changing the language resource file level in the Site Collection’s web application App_GlobalResources folder.
In the &lt Site_Collection_Web_Application_Root_folder&gt\AppGlobalResources\ Search & Previewsearch.LanguageCode.resx (eg: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\80\App_GlobalResources\Search & Previewsearch.en-US.resx) search for the following code:

&lt data name=“SearchSummary_DrillDown_RefineBy”&gt
&lt value&gt Refine by &lt/value&gt
&lt comment&gt Translate&lt/comment&gt

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