Software Maintenance, Support & Service
The yearly 12-months assurance fee is a percent calculated on the end-users registered inventory of software licenses, but never less than the minimum fee on the assurance.

We are outsourcing the most of our finance, administration, and software key license activities to third part and the cost etc. for the processing will be added to the invoices etc.

  • Process cost & fees are normally not negotiable.
  • Delivery Times is normally not negotiable.
  • Express service can in some cases be possible with accepting of an express service fee
  • A small standard Invoice Process Fee will be added to each invoice.
  • More on handling & service fee’s

Assurance percent pricing

Item No Product Description Type Percent
8022 Software Assurance – Access to SW, Support & Service Main 22%
8120 Support Assurance (SAL2) – Support Level 2 add on 5%
8130 Support Assurance (SAL3) – Support Level 3 add on 10%
8315 Emergency Assurance (EART120) – max. 120 Hours add on 5%
8325 Emergency Assurance (EART75) – max. 75 Hours add on 10%
8335 Emergency Assurance (EART24) – max. 24 Hours add on 24%
8405 Remote Support Assurance (RSA) – System Remote Access add on 10%
8415 Online Support Assurance (OSA) – Support Online add on 5%
8515 Solution Support Assurance (SSA) – Support of custom solution add on 15%

Assurance minimum price

Item No Product Description USD
8022 Software Assurance (SA) – minimum price 1,000
8120 Support Assurance (SAL2) – minimum price 6,000
8130 Support Assurance (SAL3) – minimum price 12,000
8310 Emergency Assurance (EART120) – minimum price 6,000
8320 Emergency Assurance (EART75) – minimum price 12,000
8330 Emergency Assurance (EART24) – minimum price 36,000
8405 Online Support Assurance (OSA) – minimum price 2,000
8410 Remote Support Assurance (RSA) – minimum price 4,000

All prices are subject to change without notice


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