Is Scanned PDF files Supported

Yes, Scanned PDF files can be Previewed as any other PDF file.
When the OCR scanning is done correctly, it will allow the best page feature to work.
However, sometimes there are some limitations depending on how the document was scanned and processed.

Simple way to find out if the PDF file is scanned:

  • Is the content in the PDF file twisted or crooked in any way
  • Are character, logo or picture of poor quality

*Issues/limitation seen with some scanned documents – categories:***Are Scanned PDF files supported

*1 PDF files that have not been OCR processed does not include the text but only images. (Best pages features and Hit highlighting will not be available)

*2 The document has been OCR processed and the text is placed in a hidden layer, only the image is visible. (If the text is placed in the hidden layer – usually behind the image – the highlighting will not show up in the preview as the hidden layer can’t be seen)

TIP – How to look for clues on the issues within the scanned PDF files
Save cost, find out why they are issues within the scanned PDF file – before requesting support & service from the engineers

Try to mark the text in the PDF:

  1. If not possible, it is a category 1.
  2. If possible, but the marking doesn’t follow the text as accepted, it is a category 2.

To continue with the issue demands booking of a service paid engineer/developer
By our experience, the value of a solution on the issue – and the necessary resources and cost for going forward with this as a service request, do not normally match the heavy cost.

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