At the web application level, you will be able to see all of the scopes and settings made at the farm level. You can also choose to do any of the following:

• Override some or all of the inherited settings.

• Add new Search Box scopes

Settings made at the application level will be available to all site collections, sites, and pages managed by your SharePoint installation. To make settings here, do the following:

1. Log onto the SharePoint Central Administration site.

2. Click on the Application Management tab.

3. Under the Search & Preview for SharePoint heading, click on the Manage Search & Preview Modules link. The Manage Search & Preview Modules page opens.

4. Under the Search & Preview Search heading, click on the Manage Search Box Scopes link.

5. Use the Web Application drop-down list to select the web application that you wish to configure.

You now see the Search Box scopes that apply at the application level for your selected application. Use the controls here to configure which scopes will be available and to configure each available scope. Use the Settings link to make general Search Box settings.

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