When you create a new Search Center using the Search & Preview Search Center site template, you will already have a few result pages in your Search Center (for standard results, people, images, etc.). However, you might decide to add more result pages to support additional search-tab configurations, thereby creating additional types of specialized searches.

To add a new result page to a Search Center:
1. Navigate to the target Search Center site in SharePoint.

2. Do one of the following:
o If your site collection has publishing enabled:
Open the Site Actions menu and select Create Page.
o If your site collection does not use publishing:
Open the Site Actions menu and select Create to go to the Create page. From here, click on the Web Part Page link under the Web Pages heading.

3. You should now see the create-page form for your type of site. Fill out the form as usual. Note that when you are specifying the page name, you usually must select a name that matches the Target Page setting of the search-tab configuration that will apply to your new page (see also “Search Tab Properties”).

4. Select an initial template in the Page Layout area. This setting establishes the initial layout and Web Parts arrangement for the page, but you are free to change this after you create the page. A preview of your selection is shown, so choose the layout that most closely matches your intentions for the page. Note that templates for both search and result pages are provided here.

5. Click on Create to add your page to the Search Center site.

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