Search & Preview features are made available to users when it is activated at the site-collection level. When deactivated at the collection level, Search & Preview features will be unavailable to the affected collection(s) and the search functionality for that collection will revert to the standard SharePoint search engine (unless the Search & Preview Search Box feature is activated for the parent web application; see also “Activating and Deactivating the Search Box for an Application”).

When you first activate Search & Preview for a given site collection, the following things happen:

• The default Microsoft search box control is replaced by the Search & Preview Search Box
• An Search & Preview style gallery is created (provided the gallery does not already exist)
• Default versions of the XSLT and CSS files uploaded to style gallery
• Search & Preview Web Parts are uploaded to Web Part Gallery

When you deactivate Search & Preview for a site collection, the following things occur:

• The Search & Preview Search Box is replaced by the default Microsoft search box
• Search & Preview Web Parts are removed from the Web Part Gallery

To activate or deactivate Search & Preview for all of the sites in a given site collection, do the following:

1. Open a SharePoint site that is part of the site collection you want to modify.
2. Select Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings from the command menu. The Site Settings page opens.

3. Select Site collection features under the Site Collection Administration heading. The Manage Site Collection Features page opens. Here, you can see and modify the activation status of each installed feature.

4. To toggle the activation status of Search & Preview, click on the button next to the Search & Preview Search for SharePoint icon.

Please see your SharePoint documentation for more information about how to open the SharePoint Central Administration site and use it to work with Features and other aspects of your SharePoint installation.

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