Search & Preview Search and Search & Preview Search Intelligence is implemented as a standard SharePoint “Feature”, which means that it can be activated or deactivated at the farm or collection level.

• When deactivated at the collection level, its features will not be available to the affected collection(s) and the search functionality for that collection will revert to the standard SharePoint search engine.

• When deactivated at the farm level, the Search & Preview farm-level features (such as deploying or activating Search & Preview) will no longer be available, but all collection that already has Search & Preview deployed and activated will still function normally.

When deactivated, Search & Preview retains all of its current settings and can easily be re-activated at any time. If you do not want to use Search & Preview anymore, then you can uninstall it by running its setup program.

In addition to the full Search & Preview feature, you can also activate (or deactivate) the Search & Preview Search Box feature at the application level. The Search & Preview Search Box feature provides a subset of the features normally provided by the full Search & Preview feature, enabling you to activate the Search Box for all collections in an application without needing to activate the all Search & Preview features for each collection (this is useful, for example, if you use the SharePoint “My Sites” feature). Site collections for which the full Search & Preview feature is activated do not require the Search-Box-only feature.

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