When deactivated at the farm level, the Search & Preview farm-level features will no longer be available. This has the following effects:

• Search & Preview operations will not be available on the SharePoint Central Administration site.
• It will not be possible to deploy Search & Preview to new applications.
• It will not be possible to re-activate Search & Preview for existing site collections where it is currently deactivated.
• All site collections that already have Search & Preview deployed and enabled will still function normally.

To activate or deactivate Search & Preview farm-level features, do the following:

1. Open the SharePoint Central Administration site.

2. Click on the Operations tab.

3. The Operations page is now shown. Select Manage farm features under the Global Configuration heading. The Manage Farm Features page is now shown. Here, you can see and modify the activation status of each installed feature.

4. To toggle the activation status of Search & Preview, click on the button next to the Search & Preview Search for SharePoint icon.

Please see your SharePoint documentation for more information about how to open the SharePoint Central Administration site and use it to work with Features and other aspects of your SharePoint installation.

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