Resetting MondoSearch’s registry

1) Make the changes you need to in the MssInstall.cfg file found at C:MondoSearchSearchHostdata.

2) Delete the existing registry key at HKLM>Software>Mondosoft

3) Open a command prompt

4) Drag the MsmSetup.exe program from the c:MondoSearchInstancesPublicExec folder onto the command prompt

5) Make a space after the command prompt

6) Drag the MssInstall.cfg file onto the command prompt from C:MondoSearchSearchHostdata.

7) Hit return.

If everything is ok, it should tell you that the installation was a success and how many more installs you have.

Log into the insite and see if the search engine is working again.

NB: If you have an MJ or MI license you will have to change the pincode at the bottom of the file before you can do this, no matter what the change.

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