MondoSearch rank system

MondoSearch’s ranking algorithm is based on the following principles:

1) Frequency and density of matching terms. Density (relative number of term matches based on size of document) is important because otherwise all large documents would get priority.
2) Title. If the term or phrase appears in the title it is give high priority
3) Phrase. Phrases are ranked over the terms not toghether
4) Proximity. Terms closer together rank higher than those apart
5) Metadata. Terms appearing in other tags add weighting value
6) Document location. Terms in the top of the document get added value
7) Special ranking values. There are two special ranking tags that can manipulate ranking values: Rank-word and Rank-document.

There are some best practices for getting good ranking on a site:

1) First, make sure that only content is indexed. Use our noindex tag pair to remove navigation and recurring content from being indexed.
2) Make sure the document titles are good and have target terms in them.
3) Add ranking meta tags to force ranking.
4) Add synonyms for spelling mistakes and synonyms.
5) Remove garbage that could be polluting the result set.

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