How to Import Behavior Tracking Database bak file into MS-SQL Server

Following are the steps needed to import Behavior Tracking database backup file into MS-SQL Server:

1) Open SQL Server Management Studio on your local machine.
2) Right click the Databases folder. From the pop-up menu, select New Database.
3) Enter a database name, and then click Ok.
4) Right click the new database icon. From the pop-up menu, select Tasks -> Restore -> Database.
5) Select the From Device option, and then click the browse button.
6) Click Add and navigate to the appropriate file. Click Ok.
7) In the Restore Database window, select the checkbox next to your BAK file.
8) Switch to the Options page. Select the Overwrite the existing database checkbox. Click Ok.
9) Verify the contents of your database, which is now active on your local machine.

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