It is normally possible to crawl https sites with MondoSearch – but do to the changes in TLS in resent versions sometimes MondoSearch fails in crawling the site.

For the moment there is not only 1 solution on this, therefor we can only offer (Level 2 or Level 3) consultancy service assistance to solve the problem

Estimated payable consultancy: 5 days
- preliminary analysis
- online analysis
- programming
- online problem solving

Requirements: online access and your test

For request of this service assistance to solve this issue, please create a Service ticket with:

Title: Request of Price Quote for consultancy assistance
Time/Price: Estimated to 5 day
Regarding: How to get support for HTTPS in MondoSearch
Level: 2 and 3

The site you are having problems with?
The TLS version that your certificate uses?
Information regarding your server environment?

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