How to get a result list ranked without categories and still have the category information for drilldown in MondoSearch

MondoSearch can either return all documents without categories, ranked together or documents in categories returned and ranked by their category and displaying a certain number of results per category.

This is an issue because customers want one long list of all documents outside of their categories and the categories that they belong to at the same time (for drilldown/navigation).

Strictly speaking, MondoSearch does not support this but it is possible to do if you send two queries to the web service with MQL, one with categories and one without. Then you can use the one without to display the results on the first search and the one with to display summary information about the categories and their contents. Then you can allow for drilldown into those categories by submitting into the second query’s result list.

The MQL to pass to do this is UseCategories=true/false. You have to create an application that calls the MondoSearch webservice to submit two web service calls and then parse and assemble the result sets in that application

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