Mondo Search only in use with DISPENSATION

Mondo Search underlying technologies is getting to a point where we can’t 100% maintain it anymore

Mondo Search is highly recognized throughout the world, where today it is installed to service search functionality for many leading companies around the world.

BUT – Some great solutions will over time have to give up

  • From 2019 all our old Customers who is using Mondo Search now and in the future is doing so under dispensation.
  • We will do our best to make Mondo Search working and running for as long as our customers wish us to continue and it is technologist possible
  • When Customers continue to pay our invoice and/or using Mondo Search, do so with automatic accept of the Mondo Search Dispensation


  • Only limited and possible Mondo Search Support & Service will provided to old customers
  • Mondo Search are “AS IS”
  • Mondo Search will not anymore be developed, updated or enhanced
  • It is expected customers will take steps to find another solution within the next 1 to 5 years
  • Mondo Search can’t anymore be acquired, subscribed or purchase of new customers


  • New Mondo Search setup or solution can’t be expected to work
  • We can’t guaranty it will be possible to move from one server or system to another
  • Any changes to the use, has to be thoroughly tested before taking in production
  • Before any installation changes, it is the customer and users responsibility to take backup
  • All changes can only be assisted as payable services without any guaranty of successful solution

Everything else is as before

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