How to set up fileshare indexing with MondoSearch

1) Go to Hosts>Define in the Insite
2) Enter file:// in the list and click Add. Click Save at the bottom and then Done. Be sure you can get to the fileshare in explorer by browsing this path – share name.
3) Go to the Hosts>Grabmap page. Enter /Sharename/ at the bottom of the page in new entry. check the starting point box. pull the drop down menu to index.
4) Uncheck the starting point box at the root.
5) Click Save and Done.
6) Go to Hosts>Connection. You must enter a username (with domain) and password at the bottom of the page to allow MondoSearch to access the share. It does not impersonate the logged in account so you will need to give it a valid username and password to access the share.
7) Save and done and then crawl.

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