How to move MondoSearch to a website with a different port number

1) Open your MondoSearch Insite

2) Navigate to the OPTIONS>Configure menu item

3) Select Insite Alias near the top of the page.

4) Add your website with the new port number (

5) Select Add, OK, Save, Yes when prompted. Make sure you have saved the alias!

6) Open IIS on the server.

7) Create a new website with the new port

8) Point the website at the folder with MondoSearch’s Insite folder and IMG folder (wwwroot?) OR make copies of those folders in a new folder. Make sure the IUSR has the correct permissions for that folder.

9) Create a virtual directory in IIS for the website you just created. Name it cgi-bin and point it at the MondoSearchInstancesPublicExec folder.

10) Close IIS and open a web browser.

11) Open the Insite with the new URL (with new port)

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