How to move MondoSearch from one drive to another
You can re-install the application on the D drive or you can do a manual move. To do that you can just copy the files in C:\MondoSearch over to D\:MondoSearch and then change the references from C: to D:

There are 3 locations you must change to do a manual move:

1) The C:\MondoSearch\SearchHost\Data folder has some config files. All the entries will need their drive letter changed.
2) HKLM\Software\Mondosoft key in the registry – all references to C must be changed.
3) The cgi-bin in the IIS must be repointed to the new D:\MondoSearch\Instance\Public\exec folder. Be careful with the config files and their syntax. Any mistakes will break the software.

Lastly You may need to recrawl after moving.

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