How to modify the title length of search results in the CGI default template

In order to change the number of characters after which the result’s tilte is being truncated,
in the MondoSearch cgi template, proceed with the following steps:

1. Go to the public instance mask folder, usually C:\MondoSearch\Instances\Public\mask\ ,
search for the mask file MsmRes.msk , copy it in the same location and rename the
Copy of MsmRes.msk file to, for example, MsmResCustom.msk .
The mask files are written in a proprietary language called Html$$, which is very similar to the
standard html code.

2. In the MsmResCustom.msk file, search for the following code lines:
$! —- Title Col WIDTH & Max Title Length—- !$


3. Change the TITLE_COL_WIDTH/$FONTWIDTH2$ variable, in the MsmResCustom.msk file,
with the desired number of characters, for example:
$! —- Title Col WIDTH & Max Title Length—- !$


4. Save the MsmResCustom.msk file.

5. Go to the search host data folder ( Drive:\ MondoSearch\ [SearchHost]\ data ), backup the
MssPublish.cfg file for safety reasons, and then open the MssPublish.cfg file. Replace the
MssRes.msk references in the MssPublish.cfg file with the MsmResCustom.msk .
For example, replace:

6. Save MssPublish.cfg file.

7. Recrawl and publish the interface in order to apply the new settings.

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