How to make MondoSearch index with Adobe’s Ifilter instead of the built in pdf converter

1) Go to and find/download the current/newest PDF IFilter.

2) Install this IFilter on the same server as Mondosearch will be indexing from.

3) Log into the InSite.

4) Go to Crawler Setup.

5) Under File Types go to “PDF Documents”, uncheck “Enable PDF Documents”,

select “Edit the list of MIME Types” and delete the entry “application/pdf”, click “Ok” and “Save”.

6) Under File Types go to “MS Office and IFilter Documents”, select “Edit the list of MIME Types”

Add the “application/pdf” as a new MIME type, click “Ok” and “Save” ((Make sure it is enabled!!)).

7) Go to Crawler Setup | General and hit “EDIT” on “Edit the the File Name Extension list”

under “Extension” add “PDF”, under “File Type” dropdown choose the “application/pdf”,

under “Mark Type” let it stay at “”. Click “Ok” and “Save”.

8) Find the mondosearch install foldersearchhostdataMssWorm.cfg file and edit the line

‘X_WORM.GENERAL.COMPONENT.LIST1.FILENAME=“MsmCompFLT.dll”’ in notepad to this:


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